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Chinese Style Steamed Fish

June 2, 2010
My mother plays an important part in this blog. Not only was she the one to pressureencourage me to start one, but she made me the food-lover that I am. Besides being an awesome cook (I call her the noodle maestro), she loves to experiment outside of our traditional cuisine. So guess who profits from that? Me! And my waist, and my thighs, and my arms, and my bum… you get the idea. Anyway, being in a “rojak” country, we’ve pretty much incorporated bits and pieces of other cultures into our food, in terms of ingredients and even the way of cooking, like steaming. Steaming is a basic Chinese way of cooking fish, not only is it healthy, it is very delicious as well (you can really taste the freshness of the fish!). My mom has been steaming whole pomfrets with ginger and spring onions for the past decade, but this time, she decided to be a bit fancier. I use the term fancy loosely because it really is a humble and very simple dish. And did I mention that this recipe takes 15 minutes from start to finish…

… and is steamed in a microwave?


Chinese Style Steamed Fish
600g fresh white fish, whole or sliced
for gravy
2 spring onions
3 garlic
4 chilli padi (bird’s eye chilli)
1 green chilli
5cm ginger, young
1 red onion
4 tbs soy sauce
2 tbsp light soya sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp sugar
1/3 cup chicken stock (or 1 tbsp chicken concentrate + 1/3 cup hot water)


My mom ended up using only 300g of sliced (snakehead) fish. Anyhow, place your fish on a microwave safe plate, but make sure there’s room for the gravy. And yes, of course you could arrange the slices nicely on the plate but we’re rebels and rules are for lemmings!


By default, by using only half the amount of fish, the rest of the ingredients should be halved as well.
But we like having extra gravy for our rice, so she used the full amount.


Guys, it could not get any easier than this. After finely chopping/mincing the rest of the ingredients, fry them until your kitchen smells absolutely amazing (about 2-3 minutes) and pour it over the fish.

Try not to eat it right away. This isn’t sashimi and food poisoning is serious business!


Pop the dish into the microwave and using the Steam function, set for 6-8mins. (If you do not have a steam function, cook on medium for the same amount of time)


Garnish the dish with sliced chillis and spring onions


My mom served the fish with a simple asparagus & carrot stir fry and an omelette.


See all that gravy?


Yes, the time to give prayer of thanks would be now.

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