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Oreo Truffles

August 29, 2010
I was once lost in translation. The “cup to gram” translation, I mean. Converting ounces to grams was bad enough but from cups to grams? First of all, how do I know the cup I use is the cup? Are all cups created equal? Wait, a half cup of butter? I’m supposed to try and stuff butter into the cup? Curiouser and curiouser! And then I found a website that converts all the confusing stuff so then the kitchen scale was my only friend, begrudgingly so. Fast forward 2 years, a better knowledge of baking equipments (“Oh… A measuring cup…”) and a set of hand-me-down measuring cups later, I hardly use the scale anymore. It’s been bumped from top friend to back-up friend. The other day I was talking to an old friend and she said the reason she didn’t bake or cook much was because she didn’t really care for converting recipes. So this recipe is for all those SI users out there. Oreos, cream cheese and white chocolate. 3 ingredients. I mean really, how much easier can this get?

Well it’s a no-bake recipe so see, it does get easier!



Oreo Truffles *adapted for my kitchen scale buddies from here and here*
500g/51 oreos
250g cream cheese
200g-300g white chocolate


-crush all the oreos and add the cream cheese, mix until everything’s incorporated
-shape into balls (i got 50 from mine) and place them on a cookie sheet
-freeze the balls for about 5-10 mins while you melt the chocolate


-dip balls in the melted chocolate and place on wax paper-covered cookie sheet
-decorate as you please (i drizzled some milk chocolate over the balls)
-refrigerate for about an hour before serving


What can I say about these sweet little morsels?

Guys, they’re oreos and cream cheese and white chocolate. They taste exactly like you’d think. There’s no explosions of intricate flavours, and they won’t elicit declarations of love. But you will definitely feel like the creator of this recipe is a freaking genius because who would think to put these 3 ingredients together like this! Okay, I probably shouldn’t speak for everyone but I certainly wouldn’t have. These are so uncomplicated and straightforward in both preparation and taste and they’re also very, very good. The perfect midnight nibble!

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  1. Ain permalink
    August 31, 2010 1:24 PM

    sometimes i wonder why i visit this site while i’m fasting.

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