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October 17, 2010
I found (and made, as you can see from my blog header) this recipe last year, after searching like a crazy person for a simple tiramisu recipe. Why did I choose this particular one out of the many, many other recipes out there? 3 words; No Cocoa Powder. Well, not in the traditional sense at least. See, I don’t get cocoa powder in its original form. It is bitter and I do not like it. Tiramisu=serious business so it’s not as if it’s just a fine dusting of cocoa powder but more often than not, every layer has a generous amount of cocoa powder. So when I saw that this recipe uses drinking chocolate powder (the kind you make hot chocolate with), I decided with much gusto that this was the one. And guys, it really is.

Rich, creamy and so easy to make!



Tiramisu *from here*
1 cup strong black coffee
4 eggs
150g castor sugar
500g Mascarpone, softened
600 ml double cream (I used thickened cream)
Cadbury drinking chocolate powder
1 packet Ladyfingers biscuits


-beat the eggs and sugar together until it’s thick and pale yellow in colour
-slowly beat in the mascarpone until just combined
-fold in the double/thickened cream until just combined

-break off the biscuit to fit the glass
-drizzle some coffee on biscuit
-sprinkle a (tea)spoonful of the chocolate powder
-pour about 3 (table)spoonfuls of the cream mixture
-repeat the steps as many times as you want/till you get to the top of the glass


This tiramisu is really very good. I mean, I wouldn’t use the same recipe if it wasn’t!

I crushed some Oreos and topped this particular serving with it, because I wanted some form of crunch.


Turns out, it tasted 10 times better with the crushed Oreos! I wish that I had done this to all of the glasses plus, this had already given me several new ideas. For one, I’m thinking of omitting the chocolate drinking powder altogether and replacing it with crushed Oreos.

I am aware that this might be the worst picture of a dessert ever, but I’d feel weird if I don’t show the “innards”. You know those beautiful photos of whole cakes, muffins, pies, tarts and other drool-worthy desserts and they don’t show how it looks like on the inside? Such teases! I wanna see the insides, man!


*Yes folks, this is an alcohol free tiramisu! You can add marsala wine to the coffee (exact amount on the recipe link) if you’re so inclined :)*

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